Process.env return undefined

Hi, Team
I am getting undefined values for environment variables. I have set the variables using both environment and environment group but none solves the issue.

Here is the code where the variables are loaded:


import { createHmac } from ‘crypto’

import axios, { AxiosResponse } from ‘axios’

import { IKYCJobData, ITransferEventData } from ‘./types/webhook’

import { QueueOptions } from ‘bullmq’

import { FIVE_MINUTES } from ‘./utils/constant’;

import { logger } from ‘./utils/logger’;

const webhookUrl = process.env.WEBHOOK_URL ?? ‘’;

const webhookProviderId= process.env.PROVIDER_ID ?? ‘’;

const webhookSecret= process.env.WEBHOOK_SECRET ?? ‘’;

const redisHost= process.env.REDIS_HOST ?? ‘’;


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