Problems with Postgre

I’m trying to connect my service with PostgreSQL using internal URL. Some requests are working fine, but for example auth - doesn’t work. When I’m trying to sign up new user it says, that user already exists.
Also in the logs I notice an error ‘relation “users” does not exist at character 13’.
At the same time service works fine if I connect it to DB from other hosting (railway).
Any suggestions?

I having similar issues. I get this error message “ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid (PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR: relation “users” does not exist” anytime I want to signup to the app. i will appreciate any help to resolve it.

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That error sounds like you’ve not run your database migrations - you can check this by inspecting the schema in your linked database to see if you have a users table in there - probably worth starting to debug your issue there first.


John B

So I have to install postgre locally and heck it’s structure? Do I understand right?

If you have a paid webservice then you can use the shell tab and paste the internal connection string to connect via psql

If you’re using a free webservice then you can’t use the shell tab so you need to have psql available locally and use the EXTERNAL connection string to connect to your database,


John B

John B: Thanks for your comment on the DB requirements for paid vs free webservices. These facts are not at all clear from the setup docs on the Render site. Now I get it!

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