Problem with style files in django

HI!! first of all sorry for my english, i’m native spanish speaker.
I’m having issues whit my django app, i got a “server error 500” response so i use the logging system include in python/django to gather information since DEBUG is turn off and this is what log displays
ValueError: Missing staticfiles manifest entry
I saw in stackoverflow that a common cause for this is a missplaced leading “/” in templates e.g {% static /‘css/style.css’ %} but it’s not my case

this is my

I also tried to set “manifest_stric” to False by instantiating “CompressedManifestStaticFilesStorage”
and when i did this i got ValueError: The file ‘css/style.css’ could not be found with < object at 0x7fc924ff91b0>.

If I set DEBUG on True the application show the html but css are still missing and browser console displays a message error referring to a MIME type.
I hope someone can understand my poor english and give some hints of what is going on.


Are you still experiencing the issue at the moment? If not, could you kindly share how you resolved it? While this issue may not be specifically tied to Render, it would be greatly appreciated by everyone if you could provide the solution for future reference.

Render Support, UTC+3

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