Private service fails to deploy with no feedback: “Exited with status 128”

I really need to deploy this docker container for a pitch this weekend and I am lost as to why it is failing since I get no logs whatsoever on its failure. You can see my many attempts and parameters since it looks like you have better view of it than me.

  - type: web
    name: lims
    env: docker
    dockerfilePath: ./lims/Dockerfile # optional
    dockerContext: ./lims
    # dockerCommand: /
    region: ohio
    plan: free
    branch: main
    numInstances: 1
    # healthCheckPath: /
      - key: PORT
        value: 8080

Does not work with either healthCheck or without it.
This is what I am trying to build

In the Dockerfile I attempted to run it with either CMD command commented out, ENTRYPOINT commented out and using the render.yaml file dockerCommand instead.

I am going to have to run it locally to show people through video chat instead of having them access the page itself which is a shame as I had high hopes of it working here. I will have to find a provider which gives better logs to the error.

Hi @ehgp,

Were you able to get past this? I see that your most recent deploys were successful.

I bypassed this by using a prebuilt docker image. And even then it does not redirect http for CSS or JS so the site looks awful. This is how it should look like.

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