Postgres readonly & datadog

Is there a way to create a readonly user from a UI or can/should I do it from the console?

I’d like to give some of my coworkers access to the database (mainly metabase or adminer or postico) but read-only access to avoid human mistakes or tinkering with the data.

I also wanted to configure datadog for my rails app, but I cannot find a proper solution on how to install/configure the datadog agent, is that even possible?
I found this GitHub - render-examples/datadog-agent: Datadog Agent for Render services but I’m not sure how to configure rails to send the APM/metrics/logs data to it?

Thanks in advance for any help / pointers!

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

There isn’t currently a UI in the Dashboard for creating database users on Render Postgres, you would set them up through psql (or your SQL IDE/GUI of choice) as you suggested, CREATE USER ..., GRANT ..., etc.

The Datadog example you found would run the the agent on it’s own private service, you can then configure the ddtrace gem to use that agent, which is covered in their docs here:

The Datadog private service would need to be in the same region as your Rails app to allow the private networking to work.

Hope that helps


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