Postgres dump format changed 2022-04-01

I’m guessing there was a change to how the managed DBs work. Prior to this, I was able to simply restore into an empty local DB, but now I have to remove a bunch of crap about passwords, remove references to template1, just to get it usable. It doesn’t seem like the DB version changed (my first guess):

– Dumped from database version 14.2 (Debian 14.2-1.pgdg90+1)

Could I get a change report (or just switch back to the old way)?

Hello, we are investigating the issue. The format changes are related to new Multiple Databases. For the existing single database, we will fix the backup dump to the previous format.

If it’s helpful to know: backups initiated manually (clicking the “Trigger Backup” button) output in the normal (old) way. It’s only the daily backups that are funky.

The issue has been fixed. Newer daily backup should go back to normal.


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