Port Binding -- what am I doing wrong?

In my python code I’ve got this code going trying to run socket mode with slack bolt.

if name == “main”:
from threading import Thread

def run_slack_app():
    SocketModeHandler(app, os.environ["SLACK_APP_TOKEN"]).start()

flask_app.run(host='', port=int(os.environ.get("PORT", 3000)))

However everytime I deploy I get this message:

==> All detected ports bound to, localhost instead of, continuing to scan for open ports…

==> See the docs on specifying a port: Web Services | Render Docs

What am I doing wrong? Thanks a lot.


Your code snippet references Slacks Socket Mode, which notes:

Socket Mode allows your app to use the Events API and interactive features—without exposing a public HTTP Request URL.

So it looks like you’re actually trying to deploy a bot that doesn’t have/need a public-facing URL.

That would point to using a Background Worker if you follow the Which service type is right for my app? flowchart in the docs.


wow, incredible. Thank you.

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