Please change default Python Version to 3.8

Because Django 4 do not support anything below 3.8

Did you know that you can set the service to whatever python version you want? Just add an env variable called PYTHON_VERSION and set it 3.10.4 (or whatever you wish). Probably a good idea to explicitly set it regardless of the default.

i do not know how to do that ?
can you explain?
or any youtube video?

It’s in their docs: Specifying a Python Version | Render

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if i put a file called .env
in that write PYTHON_VERSION = 3.8.2
will that works?

You need to set an environment variable via the ‘Environment’ tab via a KEY ‘PYTHON_VERSION’ and value ‘3.8.2’ if that’s the version you want.

A .env file would be fine but you would need to read the file yourself as we don’t load that into the environment.

John B


Yep. That’s the place.

John B

I want 3.9.6

It worked thanks a lot

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