Outlook SMTP server

I’m trying to send confirmation emails using an Outlook SMTP server and Nodemailer. In local environment, it’s working fine. However, I’m getting this error when trying to send email from deployed app:

Error sending email: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM      at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1494:16) {
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    errno: -111,
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    code: 'ESOCKET',
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    syscall: 'connect',
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    address: '',
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    port: 587,
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM    command: 'CONN'
Jun 24 01:58:28 PM  }

Any pointers would be appreciated!

Hi there,

Render services run on Amazon EC2 and consequently, ports 25, 587 and 465 are blocked outbound from services.

To send email from your application you should use a service like MailGun, Sendgrid, Postmark etc


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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Thank you for your guidance and sorry for troubling you!

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