Object store with Render

Hello I’m about to kick off a new project and I’d like to use Render for it. One of the requirements is an object store (S3 alternative for things like user image upload), and I’d like to confirm my approach before committing to render (as opposed to AWS). I didn’t see any other posts in this community on the subject so would appreciate a sanity check.

Here’s what my app would look like:

  • Dockerized django application running on render webserver
  • React app running on render static site
  • Minio container running on render webserver, with render disc storage.
  • django-minio-storage package to have the django application connect to the minio container.

Anybody else use this approach? Any issues you’ve come across with running an object store on render, or making it available to another web service?

Thank you!

Your approach sounds very much in line with many setups on Render.

I can’t speak to django-minio-storage as I don’t have personal experience with it, but we do have users running Minio on Render. We have an example project on Github. I would suggest forking the repository before using it to deploy if you decide to go that route.

I’m happy to help if you run into any issues getting this set up.