NPM Install skipped?

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I have a web service app that is a Vue 3 app that runs off fastify. When I deploy, It works on Heroku but migrating failed because it’s a heroku-22 instance. So I move it over and I get when I deploy:

sh: 1: vue-tsc: not found

So obviously the render service is not running npm install? My start script is npm run start and build is npm run build… am I suppose to include the npm install script somewhere or I thought that went without saying?

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Static Sites will have some automatic dependency installation, however, other services (Web, Private, etc.) are left for you set the Build Command exactly as your app requires and no assumptions are made. So yes, you would need to include your own dependency installation in the Build Command, e.g. npm install; npm run build; As seen in examples such as our Next.js guide (but that uses yarn instead of npm).

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