Node-cron job not executing

My node environment is experiencing intermittent execution of cron jobs. Mine is scheduled to execute every 5 minutes and it appears to have stopped today at 2022-07-19T06:45:18.542+00:00. I am not sure what is causing the cron job to not execute.

I previously haven’t had this issue but for the past two days, it seems like it is only executing at random. For reference, I am using node-cron to run the jobs.

Hi there,
Can you provide the name/id of the cron job and we can take a look?

John B

The project is, and the cron jobs themselves are within the tvl.js, transactions.js, reserves.js, and prices.js files and are using node-cron.

My app is showing successful deployments but I’m no longer getting a log stating “Starting service with ‘node app.js’” so none of the jobs are executing.