Multiple Run Times in one web service?

Hello, I am fairly new to this service and I have a question about the runtimes. As of right now I have about 3 different web services. two of them are run in node, and one in python 3. is it possible to run a single web service in both node and python 3? This will allow me to combine my web services into a single web service, which would be ideal.

Hi Faded,

It can be done, but it won’t be the best developer experience for you. For example, if you ever run into performance issues, you’ll need to have tooling to figure out which service is causing problems and how the services might be impacting one another.

All native environments have Node installed, so technically, you could run Node services from a Python Native Environment. Using a Docker container would be the way to go if you need more control.

But again, you’ll have a much better experience leaving each web service in a dedicated runtime.



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