Module not found error in web service


I’m having problems with deploying a web service. I keep getting this error when it runs npm start

my current commands are:

build command: npm install
start command: npm start

local dependencies are installed (ran npm install several times), the folders and paths are good, as far as I know, tried changing the region and deleting and then redeploying the web service several times but it’s not working.

app starts perfectly locally, but problems when trying to deploy

screenshot of the error: Screenshot-2023-01-02-at-06-36-06 — ImgBB

Hi there

As the logs suggest the module is missing. Does your service both have back-end and front-end, are you doing npm install on both of these?

Hi there,

If a “module not found” error is referencing a file you’re importing, it could be a path or casing issue.

Remember, Linux on Render has a case-sensitive filesystem. Your screenshot shows you’ve referenced ../errors/asyncErrorBoundary in your code, so the file would need to be cased the same.

Hope that helps


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