Missing file: pg_similarity.control

Thomas_Wright @Thomas_Wright: I am trying to load a render database backup sql file into a local database and I get ab error about a missing file: pg_similarity.control is there any way around this?

This could be due to a version mismatch. What version of postgres are you using locally?

I was using 12 locally, but I also tried on 11 (which appears to be the render version) and I get the same error.

pg_similarity is a postgres extension that gets installed on all Render databases: GitHub - eulerto/pg_similarity: set of functions and operators for executing similarity queries

I’d try either installing the extension locally or deleting lines that reference it in your .sql backup file (assuming you’re not using this extension).

Let us know if you continue to see issues!

For what it’s worth, I ran through the process just now (restoring a backup .sql file locally with postgres 11), and in my case it was safe to ignore the error messages.