Mern stack app work fine, but when i refresh the page it shows page not found

Hi, i am a mern stack developer, i hosted my ecommerce app on render successfully, every thing works fine, like creating product, updating, deleting,
the issue is that, when i go to other page and refresh the page it shows not found, but in home page i dont have this issue, i have it in others page
this is the url of my app:

Hi, I had this issue before, and it was solved by setting rewrite rules.
If you are using React router for client-side routing, this method Using Client-Side Routing may help.

i changed the rewrite rules regarding to the documentation, but the issue still is there, when i refresh the page it shows a blank page


I’m not seeing the refresh/blank page issue with the service URL your provided, please could you provide some reproduction steps?


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Hi, at first it wasn’t work, but now fortunately it works, thanks for your attention :pray::blush:

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