MERN app deployment troubleshooting

I am a noob when it comes to deployment and ever since Heroku ended its free tier I have been a lost mess. I have been trying for about 3 weeks now to get at least one of my MERN applications deployed on render but have my application will not deploy even after a successful build. I have no clue if I am missing something in my code or if I am setting something up wrong, but I want it fixed. ASAP. I am open for zoom calls or email exchange because I really want to get to the bottom of this now. thank you.

Hey Marco,

On your deploy logs, I can see:

Dec 27 09:53:49 PM npm ERR! missing script: build

This usually means that you’re running a build command but that no “build” command is specified in your package.json file

Jérémy, Render Support

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