Local project dependency issue


I’ve got a Spring Boot project that uses one of my other projects as a dependency (that project is essentially a library that I use in another project too).

I’m new to this and didn’t consider the fact that when trying to put the project on Render the docker build would fail due to not being able to find the dependency. It works on my machine because the dependecy is also on my machine but of course Render can’t access that.

Is there any way around this? I was thinking maybe Jitpack but don’t know if it will work with Render. Perhaps there’s a better way? I was hoping I could tell Render to get the code from the dependency’s own github repo but couldn’t see that option.

Thanks for your time.


You can package the dependency as a JAR and upload it to a remote repository like Nexus or Artifactory. Then you can specify the repository URL in your Spring Boot project’s pom.xml file as a dependency management section.

You may also try Jitpack, which will build the dependency on demand and make it available as a Maven repository. You just need to add Jitpack as a repository in your pom.xml and specify the dependency by its Github repository URL

Jérémy, Render Support

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