Kill a running job via an API call

Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

As part of the migration from Heroku, we have a considerable amount of manual jobs. So the JOBs API looks like a perfect fit. The only problem is that you can’t stop a job via an API call. This is crazy (-:

Maybe I am missing something, but the JOBs feature is not usable without this. For example, as I am writing these lines we have a JOB running, and seems to be stuck, and we have no way of stopping it. It also costs quite a few dollars since it’s one of the big machines.

The only way to kill it is to kill the parent service which is not an option. Please tell me there is a proper way of doing this. And if not, shouldn’t we rocket this issue to the top of the roadmap :exploding_head: ?

This makes the JOBs feature and API completely unusable.

Shooting those one-time jobs is such a basic thing so many of us use. One-off dynos were perfect in Heroku.

Yaron, we hear this request!

John B

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