Java - Connecting to Node.JS Websocket Server

I’m currently using Render to host a small Websocket server for my Java Minecraft Client. The server is up and running no errors, but when I try to connect to it within my client I get multiple errors. This is the connection code (Java):
try {
WebSocketFactory wsFactory = new WebSocketFactory();
SSLContextBuilder contextBuilder = new SSLContextBuilder();
SSLContext context =;
// create the websocket
ws = wsFactory.createSocket(“uri-goes-here”);
ws.setPingInterval(30);“Connecting to the server…”);
} catch (IOException e) {
Hyper.LOGGER.error(“Failed to create WebSocketFactory!”);
} catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException | KeyManagementException e) {
throw new RuntimeException(e);

  • some more things that are not important.
    Please note that before moving to Render I was using Heroku and it worked perfectly with the same code. “The certificate of the peer does not match the expected hostname” is the error that I got first. I then read online that I could use wsFactory.setVerifyHostname(false); as a work around for the first error. I tried that as well and I got a fatal_handshake error when connecting. As a websocket library I’m currently using

I’m pretty sure this isn’t an issue with my way of connecting because as I said this used to work just fine when I used Heroku, but now it won’t let me connect. I tried a bunch more things like changing the TLS to SSL or to TLSv1.2 v1.1 yet nothing seems to work.

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