Is there any way to disable Cloudflare?


I have been getting 502 and 520 errors from Cloudflare since the last week. My app is almost unusable in my client’s office. It is a Phoenix app which uses websockets heavily (LiveView)

I pinpointed the problem to a combination of Cloudflare and my client’s Internet provider.

Fun facts,
I have no problems in other Internet providers.
It worked fine through saturday and sunday.

Is there a way to disable Cloudflare?


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Hi Hector,

There is no way to disable Cloudflare for Render services. Can you email with details of the service and the issue so we can take a closer look?

Hi Tyler,

I sent an email on Oct 7. The request number is 19834.


Hi Tyler,
I’m also having the same issue. I also believe it’s an issue with a specific ISP (Totalplay) in México as other persons from my team are not experiencing the issue with other ISP.

Hi Tyler,

We need your help to solve this problem because my clients are starting to get upset and I will be forced to transfer all the Web Services to other providers.
Please help!
The problems is present with TotalPlay, Unefon and AT&T (México).
I have all my WebServices in Oregon.

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