Ignoring files/folders in builds

Hi I have a monorepo structure that looks something like

  • folder_1
  • backend
  • folder_2
  • folder_3

all of my services that i deploy live in a backend monorepo, i noticed that in the deploys of my services, if I sshed into the machines, they contained ALL of my repo (including folder_1, folder_2, and folder_3), is there any way to exclude these folders completely (not monitored or copied into deploys)?

buildFilter documentation was a little unclear but it sounded like it only ignored paths to triggering a new deploy, does it also not copy the files at all?

The buildFilter has to do with preventing automatic deployments from happening if content is only changed in a specific folder, e.g. only deploy on backend changes, but not changes in folder_1, folder_2, or folder_3. It is not currently possible to delete content cloned from a repository via a Render-specific configuration.

Your build command could delete content it doesn’t need, if you feel it’s necessary.

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