I have hosted the backend in render but the images are not loading if the server is loaded for the first time but the images are showing on time when it is uploaded

i have deployed the backend code in render but the images are only loaded at the time of uploaded after that when the server is loaded again the images are not showing and getting the error


   GET https://idendt-db.onrender.com/Blogs/dbb6c7c6-bb5f-40ff-99a6-893226f46d29.png 404 (Not Found)  what is the reason for this


Please take a read of our documentation around Disks at https://render.com/docs/disks - this details the behavior of the Render filesystem and what you can do to persist your uploads. It should also be mentioned that Disks can only be provisioned to a service using a paid instance type.

Render Support, UTC+3

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