HTTP/2 support with hypercorn


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I’m trying to configure HTTP2 support on my web server. The web server is hypercorn, so it supports HTTP2 even without https. But when I make a request to the site I’m getting: proxy:
curl -I my-site-com
HTTP/2 405
content-type: application/json
cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC
allow: GET
vary: Accept-Encoding
x-render-origin-server: hypercorn-h11
server: cloudflare

Local run:
curl --http2 -I localhost:8000
HTTP/1.1 101
server: hypercorn-h11
connection: upgrade
upgrade: h2c

HTTP/2 405
allow: GET
content-length: 31
content-type: application/json
server: hypercorn-h2

Also tested with haproxy and it works well, getting hypercorn-h2, but could not find a difference in headers …

Please help configuring that, thank you.

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The task for improvement here: Connection between Render proxy and user service supports HTTP/2 | Feature Requests | Render

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