How to update Docker Laravel app

How’s the process like to update from Laravel 6 to Laravel 8 and also the PHP version and packages to the latest versions in a hosted app in render

Hi there,

Render doesn’t currently have a Native Environment for PHP, so your Laravel project would need to be “Dockerized”, if it’s not already. Render Docs on Docker.

We have a basic example of Laravel 5.8 running in Docker here: which may be a useful reference as a starting point.

With regards to upgrading Laravel itself, unfortunately I’m not a PHP expert, but incremental upgrade guides seem to available on the Laravel site:

  • Upgrading to 7.0 from 6.x
  • Upgrading to 8.0 from 7.x

Hope that helps


Thanks for the support @al_ps :slight_smile:

I have successfully created a laravel 9 docker image and it is running flawlessly using pgsql. I am writing a how-to guide and will share my method with you.

that would be awesome @Debjit :relieved:, ¿where can I find the how-to guide when is ready?

I know how does it feels when code does not work so here is your code just copy it to the main laravel folder and you are good to go. I will publish the tutorial later.

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Great, it works on the first try! thanks @Debjit :fire:

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Happy to help, but found the laravel app is running so slow. I guess I have to see what is happening.

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