How to template environment variables with `fromService` info?

I’m trying to set up Hasura running on docker using a render.yaml config but I’m hitting some problems with the envVars. In particular, I need to set HASURA_GRAPHQL_AUTH_HOOK to <api service hostport>/hasura_auth_webhook. This seems simple enough and I know that I can do

      name: api
      type: pserv
      property: hostport

to get just the hostport, but how can I add the /hasura_auth_webhook on the end? Is this possible with render?

We don’t yet support string interpolation in render.yaml. What users sometimes do is define a start script that sets the interpolated environment variable and then calls the normal start command. Would that work in your case?

Thanks! I ended up going that route with a custom Dockerfile that looks something like

CMD graphql-engine serve \
  --auth-hook "$API_HOSTPORT/hasura_auth_webhook"
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