How to set predeploy steps for hugo in static sites


I can’t seem to find the documentation on how to set pre deployment stages scripts for hugo builds in the static sites. Either a direction to the documentation or a working sample would be appreciated.


Hi there,

Our Hugo docs are at - you would append to the start command of replace it with a script and call that in place of the hugo command and have that perform whatever actions you need to occur,

John B

Thanks but I was looking a possibility to use something in similarity to render.yaml if it was placed in the repo of gitlab which gitlab would do nothing but render.yaml will do the magic on render. Unless you have a better suggestion I guess I need to find another way of doing what I want

Never mind. I found what I needed deploy as web service problem is solved. Though I would have preferred a bit more flexibility in hugo deployments.

Thanks anyway, since the second I hit the enter key for the previous reply it hit me back with the web server. Have nice week