How to implement rails staging/production servers/builds on Render

I saw another thread re staging/production (strapi, not rails) but to me it seemed to completely miss the important point: to be able to a) have different app names for staging-vs-production AND b) be able to safely push new code to staging WITHOUT affecting production.

(Heroku’s pipelines are a superb feature that make this easy… pushes can go to staging until you explicitly promote staging to production.)

What’s the closest one can come to isolated staging/production builds for Rails on Render?

It seems that combining staging and production settings in the same render.yaml file means when I push code to staging, then production will be rebuilt as well?

I could I suppose setup an entirely different repos on github for staging vs production, which would give me control over which one gets built… but I need different app names, hence (I think) different render.yaml files.

A different thread a year ago mentioned they needed something like render.staging.yaml and render.production.yaml files (although seprate repos are also needed I think, per the above)… but AFAIK that has not been implemented.

Hey Pardner,
So, if you’re after different names then you either have to have 2 different render.yaml files, one for production and one for staging (and never merging the 2 between branches) or a single yaml file with services for both environments defined it, but accept that pushes to either environment would trigger a deploy of the other (not ideal)

We do have a project ongoing which will address all of this as it’s not a great experience. A workaround that gets you part way there would be to create a specific ‘staging’ team, the services would be named the same as those in your production team but the name of the team specifically with ‘staging’ might make it obvious enough as an interim?


John B

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