How do I send request to another webservice?


I have two web services running in parallel, a Remix (remix) and a FastAPI service (api). I want to sent requests from remix to api. The documentation mentions “Connecting From Your Other Render Services”, and that there should exist an internal hostname. Web Services | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers

Can somebody give me an example of how I should put that url together?

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The internal host:port are shown in the “Connect” > “Internal” button. That’s the address you’d use to have services communicate over the private network (these services need to be in the same account/team and same region). If you’re communicating over the private network using http, it would be http:// (not https://). If you don’t want a service to be directly available on the public internet, you can use a Private Service.

If you’re not seeing a host:port under “Internal” in the “Connect” button, the service you’re trying to call is likely on a free plan, where private networking isn’t available.

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