How deploy without delete files in folder and get mount path

How not to delete files within a folder when deploying? How to get the correct folder path to create a disk? my folder is here ~project/src/firmwares

I need to keep them

Please how add permitions in folder? i need move file tmp folder to folder disk

The mountpoint of the mounted disk should be chmodded 755, giving you access to do whatever you need within it. You’ll need to provide further details if you having issues making use of a disk.

hi bro,

problem was solved using fs.copyFile. but fs.rename no working.
But what better path for mount disk folder? i used /var/data/firmwares

This is not a failure of the Render platform. A “rename” is fundamentally a “move” on Linux (mv is how you rename a file on Linux) and you cannot move a file across filesystems. The mv binary works when moving file(s) across a filesystem, but actually calls a copy and remove under the hood. If Python or Node do not similarly fall back to copying when moving files across a filesystem, that is a decision or failure of Python/Node, not Render.

i am using node.js . but about mount path is correct ? /var/data/firmwares

There is no such thing as a correct mount point. Use whatever mount point you need to use. /var/data/firmwares is fine.

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