How can I build with `webpack`

I am new to this platform. this is the build command

    "build": "webpack",

However, when I add this command to the render build field, it is not building. I get this log

        CLI for webpack must be installed.
        Feb 13 09:18:12 PM    webpack-cli (
        Feb 13 09:18:12 PM  
        Feb 13 09:18:12 PM  We will use "npm" to install the CLI via "npm install -D webpack-cli".
        Feb 13 09:18:12 PM  Do you want to install 'webpack-cli' (yes/no): ==> Build failed 😞
        Feb 13 09:18:12 PM  ==> Generating container image from build. This may take a few minutes...

How can I run build command with webpack?

Thank you!


It sounds like you haven’t installed your dependencies. For example a common Build Command would be:

npm install && npm run build

Or whatever you use to install and prepare your application to run.


It sounds like you are correct. first time using this platform. thank you so much

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