Hosting Production Node App being Scalable and Handle User Load

Hey Team I cheched a feature is coming soon Autoscaling so this might be answer but can u help me understanding how would render solve the issue of number of request

Suppose I host a express restapi on render with stater pack then upgrading to higher pack is sufficient to handle API calls ? or Is there anything I am missing

The aim is the Rest-API shouldn’t go down at any point due to increased traffic
Maybe a beginner question but need overview as I see managing installation over Instance like ec2 and configuring isn’t that Easy and Render actually has everything

Hi @Mitesh_Metha ,

Whether a particular plan is enough for your service is highly dependent on what your service is doing and how much use it’s getting. Some services benefit from having a larger plan, where each instance has a larger amount of CPU and memory, and some services benefit from having more instances on a smaller plan. What’s right for your service is something you’ll have to investigate and perhaps experiment with.

Autoscaling is a great way to dynamically respond to changes in load on your service, since you can have a smaller number of instances when traffic to your service is low, and Render will add more instances when traffic to your service is high. Our Autoscaling feature is now in early access, and I’m happy to give you access to it if you’d like to give it a shot. Just let me know if that’s something you would like.

We also have an Autoscaling Preview topic on this forum at Autoscaling Preview - Render, in case you’re interested in seeing other posts about autoscaling.

Please add me to Early Access for Autoscalling will Experiment

I’ve just added you, and you can now see a Scaling tab for your service on