FTP server - pyftpdlib

Hi guys,

I am working on a small project and I am running into some issues.

I have a camera that is able to take pictures every x minutes and then send it to a FTP server.
I would like to have the FTP server on a different network and add some trigger every time a picture is uploaded on it.

I have found this library pyftpdlib with Python that helps to build a FTP server. It is working fine locally but I can not make it work when it is deployed on a Web Service (Starter Instance).
The app runs fine, but I can not establish a connection with it.

I suspect it might be an setup issue but I do not know enough to be sure.
Is there a specific setup I need to use (IP and PORT).
Also I am now not sure about the way to connect to the FTP server, how can not check the public IP address of my service?

Thank you for your help.

Web Services on Render only respond to HTTP requests, relatedly, Render only responds to public requests on ports 80/443, the standard HTTP/HTTPS ports, and always redirects HTTP to HTTPS.

FTP services cannot be hosted as Web Services on Render.

Thank you for your answer, I will look for an alternative =)
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