Folders not publishing images

I’ve added folders to my repository that contain images but none of the folders/images are publishing. Apologies if this is something simple but can I get an assist? Thank you!

Hi @bobomatic,

Can you try clearing the build cache and redeploying (under the manual deploy button). If you are still running into issues, let me know and we’ll be happy to look further.

Hi thanks Jade. Deployed clearing the cache build and no bueno. You can see the normal index.html works just fine but I’m staging some work behind index2.html and it’s not picking up the folders/images. Robert Hunt Film and Photography.

Hi @bobomatic,

Taking a look at your repo, I think you may be referencing the images incorrectly in your index2.html.

For example, is not found, while it looks like the image is available at

I would see if you can adjust your links to the images and see if that helps.

well…, that’s embarrassing. That was it. My apologies, but appreciate you pointing that out.

No problem at all :slight_smile:

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