Flowise flows disappear

I’ve created some flowise flows and saved it but when I try to find the flows in the list, they just dissapear.

Hi there,

If you’re using Flowise then you need to configure your Render service to mount a persistent disk to where Flowise writes the SQLite database too - you can only mount disks on services using a paid instance type - from the service in our dashboard select Disks from the left menu and then add a disk named whatever you want and mount it at /opt/render/.flowise, choose a size appropriately, 1GB is probably fine to start with.

If you have problems deploying the service after adding a disk use ‘Clear Cache & Deploy’ from the manual deployment button.

Note: If you do this with Flows created without a disk these will be lost when you perform this step.

We reached out to Flowise yesterday via https://github.com/FlowiseAI/FlowiseDocs/issues/5 to have them update their docs about this as well.


John B
Render Support, UTC+1 :uk:

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