Flask App requires multiple refreshes in order to load page

Hello, I have a Flask App deployed on Render that appears to work, however, not without its faults.

Whenever I load the page, I get a 404 returned. I have to spam the refresh button about 6 times in order to actually load the page (Just says “hello world”). If I refresh again, the 404 returns until I refresh a couple more times.

Try spamming refresh on this page yourself and you can see what I’m referring to. It may work on the first load, but if you refresh around 5 times you should see it fail once at least:

Any help why would be appreciated.

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I am having the same issue with my MERN app: https://my-tasks.onrender.com/. Also, sometimes when I refresh the button, the page will load without my CSS or JavaScript files (404 error). I am trying to transfer my projects from Heroku hosting to Render, so I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if this is an issue with the platform.

Exactly the same here - moving from heroku myself. Are you still having those issues as well? I wasn’t able to solve it

Can either of you link to a code sample/repo? I think it would help immensely to see the Dockerfile if any, or the app.py/wsgi.py files, etc.

Sure, here is a test repository:

Folks, this was an issue our side that affected newly created free services, it should now all be operating as expected - https://status.render.com/incidents/k6vkl25csw83 was backed dated to cover the affected component.

Any issues, please get in touch with your service IDs by emailing support@render.com

John B

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