Failed deployment Internal error

Good evening everyone, having issue deploying my static site the backend was succcessful. this is the error

" Exited with status 1 because of an internal system error. Our team has been notified."
Also getting a warning regarding chunk size limit any help will be appreciated

Detail of the output

dist/index.html                     0.45 kB
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  dist/assets/image-c9bfb4d4.jpg     16.81 kB
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  dist/assets/index-5c5fee27.css     22.36 kB │ gzip:   3.26 kB
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  dist/assets/index-e8bf5828.js   1,684.57 kB │ gzip: 531.53 kB
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  (!) Some chunks are larger than 500 kBs after minification. Consider:
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  - Using dynamic import() to code-split the application
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  - Use build.rollupOptions.output.manualChunks to improve chunking:
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  - Adjust chunk size limit for this warning via build.chunkSizeWarningLimit.
Apr 7 12:50:49 AM  ✓ built in 31.56s

Am having same issue here, have been searching for the solution, but I cant seem to figure it out. Have you been able to solve the probelm?


I suspect there are more logs that show the actual issue in both cases. The log share in the original post, just appears to be a warning.

That failed event can be shown if your “Publish Directory” is incorrectly set, maybe that’s it? The logs would show something like “==> Build folder build does not exist!”


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