Fail to install TA-Lib

getting this error
May 5 01:28:23 AM compilation terminated.
May 5 01:28:23 AM /tmp/pip-install-83zuu96g/TA-Lib/ UserWarning: Cannot find ta-lib library, installation may fail.
May 5 01:28:23 AM warnings.warn(‘Cannot find ta-lib library, installation may fail.’)
May 5 01:28:23 AM error: command ‘/usr/bin/gcc’ failed with exit code 1
May 5 01:28:23 AM ----------------------------------------
May 5 01:28:23 AM ERROR: Failed building wheel for TA-Lib
May 5 01:28:23 AM Failed to build TA-Lib

Had the same on my pc but could download the wheel file manually and install it to my env. How can we do that in render?

Hi there,

If you need additional OS level dependencies deploying your service as a Docker container will be the best approach.



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