Exited with status 139 while building your code.

I simply changed an environment variable and it gave this error.

Sep 20 07:58:11 PM ==> Cloning from GitHub - Kaduh15/queue
Sep 20 07:58:11 PM ==> Checking out commit 81fcd26b688809720ef48fc8bcbc58834c93671b in branch dev
Sep 20 07:58:14 PM ==> Downloading cache…
Sep 20 07:58:25 PM ==> Using Node version 18.17.1 via environment variable NODE_VERSION
Sep 20 07:58:25 PM ==> Docs on specifying a Node version: Specifying a Node Version | Render
Sep 20 07:58:25 PM ==> Running build command ‘npm i && npm run build’…
Sep 20 07:58:25 PM bash: line 1: 50 Segmentation fault npm i
Sep 20 07:58:25 PM ==> Build failed :disappointed:
Sep 20 07:58:24 PM ==> Transferred 2.7MB in 7s. Extraction took 0s.

Hi there,

Your logs indicate there was a problem running the command npm i. Did you perhaps mean to set that build command to npm install?


Render Support Engineer, MT (UTC-6)

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