Exited with status 1 while running your code

I am trying to deploy my web service but am getting this error.

This error says that app.js is not found even though it is the entry file for this service. Anyone having solution to this problem should contact me.

Hey there,
This looks like an application issue - I took a look at the service you’ve deployed to us and whilst the deployment is good it doesn’t look like your service is listening on an http port. This is why the deployment runs and then sits at ‘Deploying’ as we’re waiting to find an http port. Does it work locally if you run node app.js ?

For anyone else, the screenshot error above appears to have been fixed by the OP now since their original question here.


John B

I see the above error when deploying. It doesn’t seem to say what’s wrong with the deploy. How do I proceed, please?

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