Error: Cannot find module '../update/decorateUpdateWithVersionKey'

Hello Render Community,

I’m trying to deploy my full stack app for the first time.
I’ve been stuck on this about 12hrs now and feel completely stumped.

Here is my Github repository: GitHub - StephenHenryJr/AI-image-generator

I’m getting the following error message:

My settings look like this.
I’ve been following a tutorial where in their settings they went with:

build command: yarn
build command: npm run start

Here is what mine looks like:

build command: npm install
build command: npm start


I’ve replied to the ticket you also opened. Let’s keep the conversation in one place (on the ticket). Then, you can update this post when we get to the solution.


Thanks al, you’re reply helped with this one.
As you described I had committed my node_modules and pushed it to my Github repository.

This caused the error when trying to deploy my server.

Thanks again!

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