Email invalid on Signup

After doing Sign Up with Google, I choose my Google account, then I confirm my email. However, the render prompt is saying that my email is invalid. Why is that? It is a Google Workspace (similar to GSuite) email.

Hi Eric,

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m struggling to find any record of that email address in our system. Please could you try signing up again and let us know if you’re still having issues?



Same issue

Hi Eric,

Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble.

Digging a little deeper on our side, it seems we’ve had this issue reported previously with another @icon.fondation email, but we didn’t get a reply to the ticket.

We use a third-party library to check the validity of the email domain used for sign-ups. Unfortunately, the email domain is listed by that library. You may want to bring it up with them (it looks like you raise a PR) to request the removal of the domain.

Until the domain is removed from that list, you would need to sign up with a different email account.

Kind regards