Dynamically build/run docker containers?

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out if render.com is the right place for my service.

I run a subscription service that, when a user subscribes and presses start, should spin up 2 docker containers running preexisting programs with env vars unique to that user. When the user unsubscribes/pauses service we can delete/remove the containers. These containers need access to the internet, but they are not servers/don’t host content for the web (they just run a job indefinitely).

We should be able to add more containers programmatically as more users subscribe. I store whether a user subscribes or unsubscribes via my DB. So when a user subs or unsubs, somehow we must handle that event and create/delete the 2 containers.

Is this possible to do, and if so how?

Thank you, it’s highly appreciated.


Each Docker image would need to be its own service. If it’s just a running job with no inbound requests, then a Background Worker is probably what you’d need.

You can create, delete (or suspend) and amend env vars via the API.


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