Docs suggestion: pre-deploy command cannot access persistent disk

Hello again :slight_smile:

The pre-deploy command in instance settings has the following text:
“This command runs before starting your service. It is typically used for tasks like running a database migration or uploading assets to a CDN.”

I’m running an sqlite DB locally on a persistent disk, so I put my database migration command there. But it failed. It appears that the persistent disk is not available for the pre-deploy command.

It would be helpful to mention that pre-deploy doesn’t have access to persistent disk:

  1. in the pre-deploy command text
  2. in the pre-deploy documentation (How Deploys Work | Render Docs)
  3. on the persistent disk documentation

I found it a bit puzzling because the description for pre-deploy describes assets (DB migration, CDN upload), but assets stored on disk aren’t available.

Thank you for the consideration,


Thanks again for taking the time to give the feedback.

We’ll review these docs too and update where appropriate to be more clear with disk limitations.


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