Docker module not found

I am trying to deploy my node js web app. this contains one python file which I am calling from node using ‘child-process’. I tried to deploy this in docker environment because some dependencies required by python is not present in python environment.

So, the project has been deployed successfully but when I tried to send the request where I need that python file to run, I am getting error as no module found…

I already installed all the libraries using docker, still getting error.

Is there anyone know how to fix this ?

The docker code is :-

Stage 1: Python build

FROM python:3.9 AS python_builder

Set the working directory


Copy the Python dependencies files to the working directory

COPY requirements.txt ./

Install Python dependencies

RUN pip install --no-cache-dir -r requirements.txt

Copy the rest of the project files to the working directory

COPY . .

Stage 2: Node.js runtime

FROM node:14

Set the working directory


Copy the built Python application from the previous stage

COPY --from=python_builder . .

Copy the package.json and package-lock.json files to the working directory

COPY package*.json ./

Install npm dependencies

RUN npm install

Expose the port on which your Express application runs (replace 3000 with your desired port)


Specify the command to run your application

CMD [ “npm”, “start” ]


I’ve responded to the ticket you also created. Let’s keep the conversation in one place (on the ticket) and you can update this post when we get to the solution.


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