Docker builds failing

Docker builds are continually failing when trying to deploy new services. This is the error that I get

Nov 28 10:55:43 PM ==> Cloning from
Nov 28 10:55:45 PM ==> Checking out commit a1d979ca540829e0a5ee3b8ca934a40f3027a295 in branch infrastructure/render
Nov 28 10:55:46 PM ==> Downloading cache…
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM could not connect to unix:///run/user/1000/buildkit/buildkitd.sock after 30 trials
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM ========== log ==========
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM buildkitd: failed to create /var/lib/buildkit: mkdir /var/lib/buildkit: permission denied
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM [rootlesskit:child ] error: command [buildkitd --oci-worker-no-process-sandbox --addr=unix:///run/user/1000/buildkit/buildkitd.sock] exited: exit status 1
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM [rootlesskit:parent] error: child exited: exit status 1
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM sh: can’t kill pid 13: No such process
Nov 28 10:56:04 PM error: exit status 1

Can anyone shed any insight as to what is going on?

@Ademola_Afolabi Docker builds are working in general. Can you share your Dockerfile?


Here’s the Dockerfile

FROM node:14.10-alpine3.10 as build

COPY . .

RUN npm ci && npm run build

FROM node:14.10-alpine3.10

WORKDIR /opt/app

COPY package*.json ./

COPY --from=build dist .

ENV NODE_ENV=production

RUN npm ci --only=production

USER node

CMD [“node”, “main”]

It builds fine locally but doesn’t work on render, I’ve tried to create multiple services but it’s failed for nearly all of them. Sometimes, it will work initially and then on the second commit it will show the error as described.

Builds still failing four days later, starting to think Docker builds don’t actually work on Render.