DisallowedHost at / Invalid HTTP_HOST header

Hi there, I’m having a Django issue specific to the new Free plans. After deploying I’m receiving this error:

# DisallowedHost at /

Invalid HTTP_HOST header: 'srv-c63h5ond17cdcpbc7c90-kn.usr-c25iskjs1xxxxxxxxx.onrender.com'. You may need to add 'srv-c63h5ond17cdcpbc7c90-kn.usr-c25iskjs1xxxxxxxxx.onrender.com' to ALLOWED_HOSTS.

If I add these entries to the Django settings.py Allowed Hosts, the site loads. Is there a way to programatically grab these entries or a way to avoid this?

Note this does not happen to me on the “starter” plan.


Hey @jaykay, responded on your email to support. We’re on it :slight_smile:

Thanks, just replied.

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