Detailed Django Logs Not Available in Render Dashboard

Hi team, I have setted up a Django deployment from the docs.

I can see the logs for application, but I got a 500 interval server error. and all I can see is gunicorn logs and not the reason why error occurred.

I am coming from Vercel which used to show detailed logs of application, and the error reason, however, I am not seeing that here.

Is there any explanation on this?

Nevermind: I fixed it, 500 error was related to STORAGES introduced in django 5.0 (my project was generated for old django version) and detailed log error was because django handle errors on its own level, just add DEBUG_PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS = True and you will see the detailed logs in gunicorn, in your dashboard


Glad to hear you fixed it.

We find Django’s default production logs are quite limited. This Stack Overflow answer has some example config to config more logging:


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