Deployment failure due to inaccessible Firebase SDK key file in .gitignore

I am deploying my project built using flask and firebase as the database. The firebase sdk is in gitignore for security measures, so when uploading the repo from git, render is unable to access it, and shows me this error: ValueError: Invalid certificate argument: “None”. Certificate argument must be a file path, or a dict containing the parsed file contents.
The application is running properly locally, so I know there is no problem with code or no missing files.
I tried creating an environment variable and gave the sdk key value as the environment value, but then another error was coming that the value was too large. Please advise me on how to proceed, thanks.


Are you referring to the credentials JSON file that Firebase can provide?

That sounds like a use-case for a “Secret File” which can also be setup on the “Environment” page of a service.


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