Deploying Airbyte

Howdy there.

How would I go about deploying Airbyte (

I’m not versed in docker — should I be converting their docker-compose.yaml file to a render.yaml file first, then recreating the Dockerfile?

I’m not familiar with airbyte, but I think basically yes. Render doesn’t support docker-compose.yaml files IIUC, but they’re more or less one-to-one with render.yaml files.

Also looks like airbyte uses postgres in there somewhere. I’m not sure, but it may be worth checking out if you could use render’s hosted postgres.



I meant to reply earlier! This was helpful — thank you.

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Any luck getting this working? It looks like their docker-compose does a bunch of complicated stuff with mounts that may be hard to replicate…

Hey Brian,

I haven’t had time to work on this lately. However, if this is something you’re looking to do, I’m happy to pair program with you to figure out.

For others finding this thread: I chatted with the Airbyte team, and Airbyte cannot run on Render given Render’s current featureset. Specifically, they run Docker instances for each of their jobs. Since Render does not allow docker-in-docker (e.g. they block iptables), this is not possible to do.

Would love to see a solution here from Render, but I acknowledge it’s fairly niche. Will seek out an alternative to Airbyte or host them on AWS with a tunnel.

Hey there- if you’d like, you could create a feature request for this here: Feature Requests | Render

Even if it is niche, I hope we’ll be able to support this use case at some point as well!